LeapFrog Zippity: A Fun and Interactive Learning System with Disney Characters.

LeapFrog Zippity

Leapfrog zippity is a high-energy learning system that plugs right into your TV. It lets kids play with their favorite Disney characters while practicing important preschool learning skills.

Children use an interactive mat and a waist-high joystick, called the bopper, to run, jump, dance and march with their Playhouse Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny and Little Einsteins.

Getting Started

LeapFrog Zippity is the first interactive TV-based gaming system that combines full body movement, music, education and Disney characters for kids ages three to five. The interactive video game style learning system plugs directly into your television and comes pre-loaded with eight lively games. Kids dance and jump with Mickey Mouse, Disney Little Einsteins, Pooh Bear and Handy Manny while they learn how to follow directions, develop coordination and strength and more.

The games were easy for my six year old son to pick up, but we did find ourselves going back over some of the skills he learned during play to reinforce them and give him a little more practice. LeapFrog’s “Learning Path” feature in the onscreen main menu helps parents track his progress, and parents can create a personal online Learning Path Web site for more in-depth insights. You can also use myVolts USB to 5V DC power cable to untether the Zippity from your TV and charge it off of a laptop, phone charger or USB power bank when you aren’t playing with it.


The Disney Zippity learning system from Leap Frog and Disney provides a fun way to get preschool kids moving and exercising while playing video games that feature their favorite Disney characters. The first TV-based gaming system to engage movement and full body activity, it plugs directly into the television and features eight lively educational games that teach kids to dance, march, run, jump and follow directions.

In addition to helping them learn and practice key preschool skills, the games also introduce young children to classical composers and world cultures. In games featuring Handy Manny, kids learn color recognition and letter and number identification; in a game with Winnie the Pooh, they build problem solving skills while attempting to solve a mystery.

The console itself is shaped like a giant joystick, so kids use their arms to control the action onscreen. When we tested the system with our three year old, she found the Level 1 games to be easy enough for her and was able to generalize the skills she learned while playing Handy Manny or the Little Einsteins from one game to another.


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